Customer Service Guaranteed

Customer Service Guaranteed

Al Shirawi Electrical and Mechanical Engineering has enhanced its commitment to customer satisfaction for its After Sales Service business with the recent creation of a customer service department. Managed by Pooja Rangwani, the customer service desk was established in December 2003 and monitors and responds to all customer feedback received for its service business be it positive or negative. Feedback is passed directly to the Executive Director, Which ensures all customer comments are heard at the top level of the company and acted upon immediately.

“Customers are free to tell me any small details,” Pooja explained.

“Through the Customer Service Desk we can know how satisfied our customers really are and how we can improve our services for them.”

Once maintenance is completed Pooja analyses the job report and contacts the customer directly to get feedback on the work done and overall performance of Al Shirawi. She also notifies customers when the next maintenance on their air conditioning system is due.

So far the customer feedback has been predominantly good, according to Pooja, however it hasn’t all been positive.
“No-one’s perfect, although we are striving to be,” Pooja said.
As part of the dedication to customer service, all technicians now undergo a new training programme, given by supervisors, to teach them how to better deal with such things as maintenance work, technical details and interaction with customers.

Customers who wish to contact Pooja Rangwani at the customer service desk can email her at or call 04-3338700.