Our People

Al Shirawi Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Company employs in excess of 2,000 individuals. Comprising of industrious foreman and supervisors, talented draughtsmen, qualified engineers and experienced project managers, we boast a multicultural manpower. PHDs, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Management specialists make up our high-level staff, who leads the charge on a day-to-day basis. With an ideal blend of youth and experience, our team is able to provide the necessary resources for the most complex projects.

Each and every member of our workforce is hand-picked by the senior management of the company after a rigorous interviewing process. Whether in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Philippines, Egypt or Sri Lanka, members of the management team fly down in person to conduct lengthy interviews for all positions. Once an employee arrives in Dubai, he or she is welcomed with open arms into the world of Al Shirawi.

Health & Safety of our employees is an important consideration of the management. We ensure that our staff stay safe at all times. Besides, being a part of Al Shirawi Group means that the committed employees can expect long-term job security and plenty of opportunities for growth.

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